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What do you see?

Our ability to extract information from our day to day life is a very powerful tool. But it takes time and effort to do so. In order to make

Sometimes It's What's Missing That Matters Most

In the series Sherlock, we find Sherlock often employing a method of thinking that is often hard to perform in practice. As an exercise take a look at the following image (Image of the police officers). Write down what you observe in the picture. Primarily we are focusing on the uniforms. I say write it down, but if you want you can do this exercise in your head. What's the point of the exercise? Our minds are fast paced and powerful at analyzing information. For an experimen

Do You Conduct Your Own Experiments Like Sherlock?

In the series opener, we find Sherlock Holmes performing a task that most of us would never find ourselves doing. He has a riding crop in his hand and is beating a cadaver. While the situation presented is rather comical, I watched this and thought, "of course Sherlock would be doing this." In the original story, we find Sherlock conducting an experiment with Hemaglobin when he meets Watson. He says, “The question now is about hoemoglobin. No doubt you see the significance of

Can you memorize 7 random items in 4 seconds?

DO YOU TEND TO FORGET? Have you forgotten someone's name just after they introduce themselves? If you are anything like me, having memory slips can be frustrating and downright embarrassing. I remember this one time I had to get up and perform a piano piece for a recital and I totally start to blank on what notes come next. I didn’t have the music in front of me, and the more I played the more I feel my memory slipping. I will come back to that story, but memory slips can hav

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