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Handwriting Analysis Project


Take a look at your hand writing or imagine the last time you wrote something. Our hand writing is pretty unique. It's one of the things that we use to identify people. When you go to a bank and want to start business with them, they ask you for a signature. When you visit the doctors office, they ask you for a signature. There are plenty of times when you will be required to sign something. What does your hand writing say about you?

I wanted to know the answer to this question also. What does our handwriting say about us?

This is the project that I am doing this weekend. I gathered a series of handwriting samples

from employees at my workplace as well as their signature.


I approached each employee with a piece of paper that had my sample handwriting sentence, "I love to eat cheesecake" as well as my signature. I asked everyone to write that sentence and told them I wanted to see if I could learn anything from their hand writing. I will post a follow up when I gather more information about what I have learned and share those insights with you. Take a look at the sample handwriting to see if you can come up with any conclusions about the writers.

Handwriting Sample


I won't be analyzing the hand writing to find out things related to the graphology. While there are some elements studied in graphology that are useful; things like: pen-strokes, pressure, etc... I want things that are more tangible when it comes to understanding a person. For example, the slant of the stroke could indicate that a person is left handed or the amount of blotting could indicated hesitancy to finish a word.

Find out how it goes on my next post.

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