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3 Tips For Getting Started On A Blog

How To Write A Blog

I'm sitting in my living room. The television is on and I've decided to not eat any dinner tonight. Work was as taxing as ever and I'm just not in the mood to write. (I wish I looked like the guy in the image above haha. He looks like he's ready to blog.) I started a blog because I wanted to learn how to improve in my ability to do deductive reasoning. But, I had no idea where to begin. What would the name of the blog be? How would I manage my other life responsibilities along with finding time to write? How could I create content that I would be excited to write about, even if no one was reading?

When I began the blog, I realized that I would need a lot of discipline and the WRITE tools to get the job done. Get it? Write instead of right. Whawha. You know you laughed. Jokes aside, I wanted to take a moment and distill 3 of the lessons I have learned in trying to put together a blog. If you enjoy the read, subscribe to the blog for more post