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Flash Analysis Project Wrap Up

The flash analysis project was a lot of fun and hopefully you had a chance to join me on it. As a refresher, the project lasted for about a week, and required me to memorize 7 random items in 4 seconds. This is a project you can do with your family or friends to test your mental acuity. THE CHALLENGE When I started the project, the challenge I initially had was concentrating under pressure. Historically, I haven't been the best at memorizing anything under duress or pressure.

Can you memorize 7 random items in 4 seconds?

DO YOU TEND TO FORGET? Have you forgotten someone's name just after they introduce themselves? If you are anything like me, having memory slips can be frustrating and downright embarrassing. I remember this one time I had to get up and perform a piano piece for a recital and I totally start to blank on what notes come next. I didn’t have the music in front of me, and the more I played the more I feel my memory slipping. I will come back to that story, but memory slips can hav

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