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The Mind Palace (Part 1)

Woman Thinking


It's been a long day and all I want to do is go out for a run. Actually, I don't want to go for a run at all. Who am I kidding? Haha. I am exhausted from another days work and have a number of things flying through my head. But something tells me that I need to do this, if only to just take a moment to feel my feet striking against the pavement. I'm about to reach the door when my beautiful mother named Carole says, "I want to tell you something".

I don't know about you, but when I hear these words from anyone, my stomach drops. It always feels like the beginning of the end. The inevitable dread sets in. "What did I do this time?" I think to myself. We stand together at the kitchen counter as I brace myself. She tells me something about my childhood that shocks me. (NEXT TIME, ON RYAN'S LIFE)