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Sherlock Holmes and The 4 Stages of Creativity

I often envision Sherlock pouring over notes and experiments with feverish energy. His brows knitted and his hands smeared with chemicals. If he isn't on the case, I often imagine him sitting on a couch lazing about. One of the things I rarely actually think about is his immense imagination. Imagination often requires us to be creative. Let's explore this a little bit more. The Problem Of Thor Bridge In this story, the wife of a brutal man has been murdered with a bullet in h

Can you become a genius if you aren't one?

"When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." This quote is attributed to Sherlock Holmes, but ultimately, it was Arthur Conan Doyle who wrote the words. I love this quote, but it's not really practical for most of us. What do I mean by that? Holmes uses a combination of deductive, inductive, and adductive reasoning in the stories. Additionally, Holmes is an genius observer as well as strategist. When I say "genius" I mean

Framing Questions - Lesson Learned

Have you ever felt funny asking people for information? Have you ever thought, it might be challenging to make a request for something you weren't sure people would be on board with? I found myself in this predicament when I decided to gather hand writing samples from my fellow employees. For the original project and post, click here. I think because I am generally nice and respectful, it wasn't hard to get people to play along with my request, but I got to thinking after it

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