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Sherlock Holmes and The 4 Stages of Creativity

I often envision Sherlock pouring over notes and experiments with feverish energy. His brows knitted and his hands smeared with chemicals. If he isn't on the case, I often imagine him sitting on a couch lazing about. One of the things I rarely actually think about is his immense imagination. Imagination often requires us to be creative. Let's explore this a little bit more. The Problem Of Thor Bridge In this story, the wife of a brutal man has been murdered with a bullet in h

Do You Conduct Your Own Experiments Like Sherlock?

In the series opener, we find Sherlock Holmes performing a task that most of us would never find ourselves doing. He has a riding crop in his hand and is beating a cadaver. While the situation presented is rather comical, I watched this and thought, "of course Sherlock would be doing this." In the original story, we find Sherlock conducting an experiment with Hemaglobin when he meets Watson. He says, “The question now is about hoemoglobin. No doubt you see the significance of

3 Tips To Increase Your Intelligence

Have you ever marveled at the intellect of others? I know I have. When someone has raw intelligence, we often marvel at it. But is there anything you can do to improve your intelligence? Intelligence, to some degree is related to things like genetics, history, culture, and educational background. But even if a person is born with every advantage, they may squander the chance to grow their intelligence. Intelligence, like a garden, must be attended to and cultivated in order t

3 Tips For Better Lateral Thinking

I am sitting in the kitchen with my mother and sister. Before us sits a puzzle book titled, "Mensa: Lateral Thinking and Logical Deduction- Test Your Powers of Thinking With 500 Challenges Problems and Puzzles." Yeah, I know, that's one lengthy title. The book is filled with puzzles that really test your ability to think laterally. Try this puzzle out and see how challenging it is for you. You can skip to the end of the article for the answer to the following puzzle. Bush Fir

Can you solve this?

Have you ever watched an old school detective show? The detectives on the scene have done their due diligence, but are stumped about the case. Just then a guy in a beat up car drives up to the scene. He gets out of his car and flashes his credentials. "Who is this guy, Sergeant?" The hot shot detectives ask with obvious objection. "I invited him" replies the Sergeant. The seemingly out of place detective, walks through the crime scene. He asks funny questions the presiding de

Don't Contaminate The Samples

Mistake Much Have you ever had a moment when you realize you just messed up? I can relate to that. I had plans for a project where I would analyze some hand writing samples and before I began I made a critical mistake. For the original project and post, click here. Let me tell you about what happened and how my mistake could help you in your daily life. What I Wrote I wrote the words "I love to eat cheesecake" on a piece of paper as well as my signature. That top line is mine

Framing Questions - Lesson Learned

Have you ever felt funny asking people for information? Have you ever thought, it might be challenging to make a request for something you weren't sure people would be on board with? I found myself in this predicament when I decided to gather hand writing samples from my fellow employees. For the original project and post, click here. I think because I am generally nice and respectful, it wasn't hard to get people to play along with my request, but I got to thinking after it

How To Set Intention

As you get older you expect and want learning to be easier. But you likely have a problem. Distraction. Distraction; that fly in your cereal bowl or the itch you just can't reach. It comes in many forms; maybe it's your next door neighbor mowing the lawn at an hour that represents your peak performance time. Maybe it's that next season of your favorite show calling you on Netflix. Maybe it's the cell phone that you just can't seem to put on airplane mode. Or maybe, it's the

Welcome To The Science of Deduction

A major flood has just wiped out the home and livelihood of thousands of families. Some of these families have: no insurance, little emotional support, and little in the way of income to rebuild and start over. What's next for them? How will they cope? Where can they find hope? This scenario is all to common where I live. Houston Texas seems to be a magnet for tropical storms and hurricanes. Storms generally make me pause and think about how I am living my life. We all have s

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