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Welcome To The Science of Deduction

A major flood has just wiped out the home and livelihood of thousands of families. Some of these families have: no insurance, little emotional support, and little in the way of income to rebuild and start over. What's next for them? How will they cope? Where can they find hope? This scenario is all to common where I live. Houston Texas seems to be a magnet for tropical storms and hurricanes. Storms generally make me pause and think about how I am living my life. We all have storms to deal with in our personal lives. If you don't than please share your secret with me. Storms can be anything we perceive to be devastating to our emotional, physical, mental or spiritual equilibrium.

Does your life seem to be a magnet for "storms"? Are challenges, obstacles, and mental fatigue, leaving you feeling that you don't have peace of mind , little emotional support, and resources to restart your learning objectives? What's next for you?

At The Science of Deduction I strive to challenge you to think and grow with me. So that you know you're not alone, I would like to share a story that I don't feel comfortable sharing. Like I said, I want you to grow with me so I need to take ownership of this moment. One of the most devastating "storms" to hit my life was loosing the love and friendship of a girl I knew. For this article, let's call her Michelle. Michelle was this lovely girl that was funny, had a lot of qualities that I appreciated, smart, and played a musical instrument. Being an aspiring pianist at the time, I was smitten. I found ways to befriend her and spend more and more time in her presence. Eventually my feelings for her became something I couldn't really manage well. I was listless and felt like my heart was always heavy. One day, I mustered up the courage to tell her how I felt. I was rejected. She only wanted friendship with me and that hurt me in so many ways. I remember being depressed for months. My day to day ruminations always seemed negative, and I just couldn't seem to move on. I remember feeling like

the world had ended for me.

After my personal storm had passed, I was left with the clean up and recover of what I felt to be a shattered life. I had to ponder over the exact same question I challenged you to explore with me, "What's next for me?"

This type of young love isn't anything new. Perhaps you've found yourself in the exact same situation I found myself in. Here's the perspective that we can take away: Your very personal storms, are the exact same ones shared by thousands of other people. This matters because if someone else has been through your storm, and succeeded, so can you. The question is "are you willing to be humble and accept help and guidance?" Because there are so many various challenges that people face, I am devoting myself to helping people engage their necessity; a love of learning, through this website

I am a big fan of Sherlock Holmes. His method of seeing the world has captivated me most of my life. This website won't be devoted to exclusively studying his exact methods of deductive reasoning, but I will post and coach on such things in the near future. The focus of the site will be more on helping people take in knowledge and insight from the world around them. Sherlock Holmes was a master at gathering data and using it to gain insights about human nature and circumstance. The great thing is, while he was a fictitious character, his mindset is one we can easily adopt. Humans are the most amazing learning machines on the planet, but often times, life and all of the "storms" that come our way, can diminish our zeal for learning. I want to help you take back your love of learning through this website.

It's time to take control. Because, let's face it; if we don't take control of our lives, our lives will take control of us. We don't want the "storm", to keep us from growing our intellectual hunger. Let's engage our necessity and love to learn again. - Lenworth Wilmot

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