I'm totally a sucker for movies that have strong lead characters. When the movie is finished I always find myself thinking, "How cool would it be to be like (fill in the blank)." This happens constantly after I see a Sherlock Holmes movie. I find myself splaying my fingers while sitting on my sofa. I knit my brows and glance at everything to be as observant as possible. I genuinely feel smarter and more lateral in my thinking for a period of time. But after about 2 days, I gi

Strategic Thinking - 3 Ways To Combat Your Prejudice & Bias

As a constant learner and strategic thinker, you are likely looking for ways to increase your accuracy when taking in new observational inputs and processing information. You want to be a strong learner and by the end of this blog, you will have 3 additional tips to help you do just that. Wait, I'm not prejudice "Combat Your Prejudice & Bias? I don't have those qualities" you may think. To a degree, you may actually control your biases extremely well. But just to test yourse

Welcome To The Science of Deduction

A major flood has just wiped out the home and livelihood of thousands of families. Some of these families have: no insurance, little emotional support, and little in the way of income to rebuild and start over. What's next for them? How will they cope? Where can they find hope? This scenario is all to common where I live. Houston Texas seems to be a magnet for tropical storms and hurricanes. Storms generally make me pause and think about how I am living my life. We all have s