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Mr. Lloyd Elliot's Missing Jewelry

Mr. Loyd Elliots jewelry store was robbed and he needs your assistance in finding the criminal. He was after hours in his shop, going over the books. Before he knew it, he was hit over the head and lost consciousness. When he came to the lights were out in the store. He had been blindfolded and was tied up. He could only offer the following information. Facts About The Case It was after hours when he was robbed. The lights had been put out and all he could really do is hear a

How To Set Intention

As you get older you expect and want learning to be easier. But you likely have a problem. Distraction. Distraction; that fly in your cereal bowl or the itch you just can't reach. It comes in many forms; maybe it's your next door neighbor mowing the lawn at an hour that represents your peak performance time. Maybe it's that next season of your favorite show calling you on Netflix. Maybe it's the cell phone that you just can't seem to put on airplane mode. Or maybe, it's the

Welcome To The Science of Deduction

A major flood has just wiped out the home and livelihood of thousands of families. Some of these families have: no insurance, little emotional support, and little in the way of income to rebuild and start over. What's next for them? How will they cope? Where can they find hope? This scenario is all to common where I live. Houston Texas seems to be a magnet for tropical storms and hurricanes. Storms generally make me pause and think about how I am living my life. We all have s

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