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Mr. Lloyd Elliot's Missing Jewelry

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

Mr. Loyd Elliots jewelry store was robbed and he needs your assistance in finding the criminal. He was after hours in his shop, going over the books. Before he knew it, he was hit over the head and lost consciousness. When he came to the lights were out in the store. He had been blindfolded and was tied up. He could only offer the following information.

Facts About The Case

  • It was after hours when he was robbed.

  • The lights had been put out and all he could really do is hear and smell the things around him.

  • Besides the glass breaking from the smashing of their casing, the man seemed to step really heavily on the ground. It almost sounded like he was stomping the ground. He said that it was a man because he could the man grunt when he bumped into a couple of the cabinets.

  • There were large amounts of dust found on the countertops and in the room. More than you would expect to find at a crime scene.

Questions To Answer

What type of person would you look for? How would you approach the process of finding this suspect? Why would you lead your investigative search in this direction?

These are the resources you need to begin the search:


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